Continental Energy Corporation Subscribes to the Equator Principles

The Equator Principles have been developed and adopted by over 80 commercial financial institutions from 34 countries. Institutions who have adopted the Equator Principles become members of the EP Association.

The Equator Principles provide a framework and guidelines for the adopting financial institutions and determining, assessing, and managing environmental and social risks associated with any financial investment in the development and construction of new projects worldwide. The Equator Principles are primarily intended to establish minimum standards and recommended best-practices for pre-investment evaluation and due diligence to support responsible decision-making by EP Association members in all new project investments.

The EP Association periodically reviews and updates the Equator Principles. A full copy of Equator Principles III, in force for all new project transactions from 1 January 2014, is available for download here.

Continental Energy Corporation subscribes to the Equator Principles and is committed to exercising the same standards of evaluation to recognize and provide mitigation measures for environmental and social risks associated with all projects it undertakes.