Fueling Indonesia Growth

Our mission is to build, own, and operate 2x12,000 = 24,000 BPD clean fuel refineries in cooperation with local stakeholders in Indonesia that are located geographically close to existing crude oil, biodiesel, and ethanol feedstock supplies and also close to under-served local markets in the region surrounding each refinery complex. Our clean, low-carbon fuels will meet the current mandate for 30% biodiesel (2021) and 20% ethanol in gasoline (2025). Our production processes will comply with the Indonesia's 2050 Long-Term Strategy for Low Carbon and Climate Resilience Policy.


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Why Indonesia?

Why Indonesia?

Our core competency exists in Indonesia where our management has over 60 years of "boots on the ground" experience. This gives us the local operating expertise and business relationships to capitalize on the booming energy demand in this fourth most populous country in the world. In their "The World in 2050" report, PWC predicts Indonesia to replace Germany as the fifth largest economy in the world by 2030 and replace Japan as fourth by 2050. Continental Energy Corporation intends to be one of the reasons why.

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