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Our management team consists of a seasoned group of former Fortune 500 executives with many years of international, on-the-ground, business operating experience, and the know-how to get things done in demanding foreign environments. Long experience also provides us a thorough understanding of what commercial financiers require. We are building a sound and reliable organization operated on IFRS accounting standards and international standards of environmental and social responsibility.

Richard L. McAdoo, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. An American geologist and long time resident of Indonesia.

Robert V. Rudman, Chief Financial Officer and Director of CEC. A Canadian CPA and long time resident of Florida, USA.

Phillip B. Garrison, Non-Executive Director. An American CPA and long time resident of Dubai.

Karsani Aulia, Non-Executive Director. An Indonesian citizen, petroleum geologist, and resident of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Continental Energy Corporation
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