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Continental Energy Corporation Complies with
The World Bank Group's EHS Guidelines

The World Bank Group ("WBG") has established and maintains General and Sector Specific Environmental, Health, and Safety ("EHS") Guidelines. When one or more members of the WBG are involved in a project, adherence to the EHS Guidelines is mandatory as a matter of policy.

The General EHS Guidelines are a set of technical reference documents which addresses "Good International Industry Practices" in four focus areas:

  1. Environmental
  2. Occupational Health and Safety
  3. Community Health and Safety
  4. Construction and Decommissioning

Additionally, the WBG publishes over 60 sector specific EHS Guidelines that are applicable to projects in a particular Industrial Sector. Three of these sector specific EHS Guidelines are applicable to Continental Energy Corporation's business and the renewable power generation and distribution energy include:

  1. EHS Guidelines for Electric Power Transmission and Distribution
  2. EHS Guidelines for Geothermal Power Generation
  3. EHS Guidelines for Wind Energy

The WBG periodically reviews and updates the EHS Guidelines. A full copy of the General EHS Guidelines is available for download here.

Continental Energy Corporation subscribes to the World Bank Group's General and sector specific Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines and is committed to exercising the same standards of evaluation to recognize and provide mitigation measures for environmental, health, and safety risks associated with all projects it undertakes.

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